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Whether you are seeking a benefit plan solution or growing your talent, Warren Averett is prepared to become your trusted advisor.

Warren Averett recognizes that many businesses lack the resources, workload and effort to justify the cost that goes into hiring, training and retaining their staff. Such companies need human resource solutions that supply them with the skills and expertise they need on a flexible basis. That’s where we step in.

Our staffing and recruiting professionals will assist your business in finding that hard to reach talent. Then, our talent management professionals can assist in retaining and supporting your workforce by providing high-level consultation and support. From our all-encompassing 401k Complete retirement planning product to leadership training, benefit plan services and compensation planning, you can feel confident that you have the HR support you need.

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Client Successes

We had an urgent need to fill a new position and needed help fleshing out the details of the job description. Warren Averett Staffing was very helpful in helping to determine the right skill set for the position. They got right to work on the search and came up with a winner!

Angela Stewart Finance Director of The Distribution Point

After being with the same company for 20 years, I was very out of touch with the whole job search process, with resume writing, and networking. My coach was a tremendous help to me and went above and beyond to get me on the right track to finding a new job, and to prepare me for interviewing, getting my LinkedIn profile updated, as well as helping me to create a very strong resume. She also helped me to calm my nerves over interviewing and was so encouraging. She helped me to become confident about interviewing and gave me great tips. I am currently scheduled for a 2nd interview for a great job!

Technology Leader

We used Warren Averett Staffing & Recruiting to fill an executive level position at Corporate Realty. The process was swift and efficient from sourcing excellent candidates to discreet interviews and assistance with the offer. Best of all, WASR was spot on in fitting our specific needs. We selected one of two candidates and could not be more pleased with the hire.

Meredith Calhoun, CCIM, V.P. Brokerage & Corporate Oversight of Corporate Realty Associates, Inc.

My coach was excellent, and having one counselor during the process was much better than prior experiences I have had. She was flexible with scheduling and focused and to the point. I believe I gained a lot of good knowledge during the short time we spent, so the time spent was very efficient.

Technical Support Specialist

Leadership development program was seeking assessments to help participants work on personal development. The assessments that were used in this program were the ESCI (Emotional Intelligence 3600 Feedback tool) and a DiSC Profile to help with self-awareness.

Everyone at Career Partners International has been supportive and positive as I have navigated the early stages of this difficult time. I have not looked for a job in over 20+ years and they were able to help me quickly understand how the job search process works. It helped me quickly get my resume, LinkedIn and other tools in place to get started.

IT Professional

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